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Make no mistake, this is BIG country. Your riding experiences will vary depending on weather, location and difficulty of terrain.

Experience and knowledge are vital to providing guests the most rewarding rides. You will encounter awide variety of terrain and it is not uncommon to encounter large temperature variations. Following is adescription of some of the terrain you will encounter here.

High Desert & Canyons: Elevations range from 4200 to 5400 feet. These rides take place in the early morning and early evening. This ensures that you experience the rare beauty of this big country terrain, while taking advantage of the most comfortable weather conditions for horse and rider.

Mountain pastures, high alpine meadows and extreme upper country: The elevation here is above 9200feet! These rides depart during daytime hours to capitalize on the warmest parts of the day, optimizing comfort for both horse and rider.

Popular Trails, Canyons, Vistas & Experiences

Some of our most popular rides you may experience are:

Devils Leap: Undulating red clay hills capped by wild grasses, sage and cactus. This intermediate ride culminates in a breathtaking vista from atop the famed Devils leap, dropping 800 feet beneath you. Take a look over the edge if you dare.

Mollycropsy: This mesmerizing canyon hides abundant wildlife and offers an extremely challenging ride to those seeking high adventure. Sharp turns, steep inclines and daring drops challenge even the most advanced rider.

Black Mountain: This is a relatively easy, scenic route that leads the rider through a wide variety of terrain. It starts at the high desert flats of Trapper Creek and winds its way through fields of salt sage, ending with a dramatic view over the entire Bighorn Basin ? even into parts of Yellowstone National Park.

Walnut Grove: Step back in time 100 years. Your ride snakes down through a picturesque tree-canopied path, past old timber corrals, over a wooden bridge and opens into a wide open lane, perfect for a long gallop.

Multi-Nite Mountain Retreat (Great for Groups)

The Upper Hideout: Our 6 night summer package includes a five- to six-hour ride and overnight stay at one of the most pristine and remote locations on our 300,000-acre ranch.

The Upper Hideout is located at 8600 feet, overlooking the Big Horn Basin. During your ride you climb over 4200 feet on Black Mountain Road, one of the oldest cattle trails in the area. This trail offers overwhelming vistas in The Trapper Canyon and you will ride through green, lush White Creek Canyon, White Creek and the old homesteaders sawmill sites.

At the Upper Hideout you will stay in comfortable cabins and enjoy the same culinary experience of the main lodge, only with a cozy a campfire and incredible vistas. During autumn, you often spot elk packs numbering over 700.

Call us for other Upper Hideout arrangements. The Upper Hideout is available on request for large groups as a private, high-mountain retreat.



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