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When it comes to the team that hosts your stay at any one of our Hideout Properties, Adventures or Western Experiences, you can rest assured knowing that our staff, management and hosts do not take shortcuts. Throughout the years our guests have consistently complimented us on the authenticity, professionalism and sincerity of our staff and the sense of belonging, which is so fundamental to an exceptional experience.  Each of us takes great pride in providing outstanding personal service with respect and a genuine desire to make your stay unforgettable.  Some even call it spiritual.

The diversity of our staff ranges from the passionate student of cowboy culture and western history, to the lifelong cowboy who know the history and culture of this area, to the classically trained professional equestrian schooled in both English and Western disciplines, heck even our chef is a lifelong horseman!  Our unifying bond is our passion for sharing the alluring spirit of the West, our love of horses, and above all, the satisfaction of giving our honored guests the most excellent and safest equestrian experience anywhere in the world.  There is a difference, and we call it The Hideout Experience.

Of course we would be remiss if we didn’t include a mention about our partners, who make it possible for us to provide such an outstanding experience… our horses.  Our horses are primarily Quarter Horses who have been bred, raised and trained to handle this very challenging and diverse terrain.  This altitude and rugged environment demands the skill of a true athlete.  It’s no accident that our horses are born to excel.  Much of our success and therefore your enjoyment comes from diligent attention given our wranglers and the breeding program of Pam and Greg Flitner, located here on the ranch.  Its no surprise to us when Guests exclaim “This is the best horse I’ve ever ridden… can I take him home with me?”  The answer is Maybe!  Every four years we organize a production sale featuring these fine horses.  Your next chance to find the four-legged partner of your dreams is coming in May 2008!  See you down the trail…





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